Guitar for Jacobo?

It is just a few months before Christmas and we are still clueless on what gift to buy for Jacobo. We wanted to buy a toy for him as kids just love toys but our house is full of toys already so my husband is asking me to look for other options.

Seeing how much our son loves music, we are thinking now to get him a traveler guitar as our Christmas gift for him. He loves to sing and dance and he loves musical instrument as he always plays with his sister’s violin and drum set so maybe it is time that he gets a musical instrument of his own.

The coming months will be busy for family gatherings and school activities so hopefully we will have the time to go shopping for gifts for Jacobo soon.

Big School Admission # 1

Yay, we just got the results for the admission exam of my son to Kinder in one of the schools that we are eyeing for him and he got admitted. He took the exam and interview last October 1 and we have to wait for 2 weeks to get the results so you can just imagine how anxious we are to know if he pass.

I have been reading forums and I know that they are really strict in accepting students in their school so I am little bit scared with the results but at the same time, we are also confident that our son is qualified to be accepted in their school.

So you can just imagine how happy and relieved we are when we got the good news.

But we will be getting the result of exam from one more school today and we will decide from there.

I am still stressed out with all the decisions that we have to make so we are praying for guidance so we can arrive at a better decision. And I am sure this too will pass, and before we know it, we are already looking for custom class rings because our son will already be graduating from college.

Mom of Three

I am now a mom of three:

I gave birth to Zaak last May 14 and Jacobo and B are doting siblings to our cute bundle of joy. They love to play with their brother, cuddle him and just spend every minute with him.

But my husband and I are aware that Zaak is still so fragile so we really have to be careful especially at night because we are still co-sleeping with the kids. So we decided that we should really buy foam sheets from Foam Factory so at least Jacobo and B will have their own bed in our room to avoid any accidents.

Of course during the day, they can still play with their brother. It is only at night where we have to make precautionary measures for the safety of all our kids.
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Big School Application # 1

Yikes, I can’t believe that my Jacobo is a big boy now and by next year, he will be going to a big school already. And as early as August, we already submitted our first application for big school.

Jacobo was with us when we submitted the pre-qualifying requirements like the birth certificate, letter of intent, recommendation letter and enrollment certificate and he was so excited for this big school. At first he got anxious when we told him that we are going to his new school but he calmed down when we told him that it is for his next year school and he will still study with MSS up to March 2015. We also told him that his two cousins are also attending school here so all the more he got excited.

We got his test permit yesterday and he is scheduled for his exam on October 1. I’m wishing him good luck and hope he can make it as this is the school that his dad wants from the very beginning.

My One of a Kind Drummer

After we bought B a complete drum set, we now have 2 drum sets at home – the professional one that B now uses and the small drum set for kids which B got as a gift from his Uncle. I was supposed to give the smaller drum set to the kids of my brother but looks like Jacobo claims that it is his now.

Just look at this video as he uses both drum set when he plays “Roar” by Katy Perry, he is just so hilarious:

But I want him to learn how to play a guitar. I am even willing to invest onkoch amps at Guitar Center so he and his sister can form a band. I just can’t wait to see the two of them perform in one stage. I am sure I will be on proud stage momma.
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