Joaqui: Then and Now

Just want to share the picture of my friend’s son just turned 7 years old a few months ago:

The first picture was when he was juts 1 year old and the 2nd picture is his latest picture taken during his pre-birthday shoot. Who knows, maybe next time my friend will post a picture of his son, he is already holding cool jay turser guitar from guitar center and is already a big musical artist.

Happy Birthday again Joaqui. Rock on.
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My One of a Kind Drummer

After we bought B a complete drum set, we now have 2 drum sets at home – the professional one that B now uses and the small drum set for kids which B got as a gift from his Uncle. I was supposed to give the smaller drum set to the kids of my brother but looks like Jacobo claims that it is his now.

Just look at this video as he uses both drum set when he plays “Roar” by Katy Perry, he is just so hilarious:

But I want him to learn how to play a guitar. I am even willing to invest on koch amps at Guitar Center so he and his sister can form a band. I just can’t wait to see the two of them perform in one stage. I am sure I will be on proud stage momma.
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B's #1 Fan

Just look at Jacobo watching his sister perform. B had a performance in school during their Family Day and Jacobo was really cute as he is a very supportive brother. Before his sister's performance, he approached his sister and he said:

”Ate, you can do it, Ok.”

I know he really looks after his sister. He is just 3 years old now but I am sure when he is old enough to attend music lessons, he would enjoy drum class or guitar class too. Who knows I might even need to buy him baritone at wwbw if he wants to be a member of an orchestra someday.

Summer Class for Jacobo

Jacobo idolizes his elder sister so much. His sister attends drum class at Academy of Rock every Saturday. Jacobo loves to dance and sing that is why I am convincing him to attend the dance lessons at Academy of Rock also but he said, he wanted drum lessons too like his sister.

If I were to choose, if he doesn’t like dance class, I would want him to attend guitar lessons so he and his sister can form a band – B will be the drummer, Jacobo will be the guitarist and their dad would be their vocalist. Well, as for me, I will just be the groupie or the manager. LOL. That is why if this happens, I will really invest on good musical gadgets like electric guitar, eventide effects and more so they can always have a jamming session at home.

Being a Working Mom

Yikes, I remember I will have a meeting with my boss about on Friday and Jacobo has an activity in school too and parents are invited. So what to do now? These are just some of the dilemma of a working mom. I wanted to be with Jacobo as they will be setting up a restaurant in class and the parents will be their customers. I know he would be really happy to see me and his dad there, but just like what I said, I have work obligations that day too. Plus I have no more vacation leaves left (boo).

Good thing, hubby is available on Friday and he already filed for a leave. I have one remaining vacation leave and I am allotting it for Jacobo’s Family Day activity in school next Friday.

I am not complaining though. My work is a blessing to us as it helps bring food on the table. Sometimes I just really have to choose and prioritize things.